Black and White Surfboards, Custom shaped and Finished in Cornwall

                        Black and White Surfboards 2018

  New Templates and Contours for 2018 plus all my Original Models. Every board is made to order at no extra cost, always happy to advise and have personal input.

 A chance to win!!!!!!

 A Black and White Keel Fin Fish

'Draw's this Friday!! good luck..

Based on Cornwall's North coast has the advantage of having Custom Surfboards manufactured by the best the industry has to offer, dedicated craftsmen who surf and have a feel for every board they produce. 




Performance Thrusters for small days, everyday use, semi-guns, Puffins, 404's etc





Traditional Twins, Keel fins, Perf fish and Quads, Trinity Pigs etc.



Mid Range 

Mid Range

Mid Range boards, Eggs, Tankers (Carpets) Dolphins 




Competition Longboards, All -rounders and full Classic Mals

Single fins

Traditional and Modern Traditional Single fins.Bonzer styles



Custom Shape

Although I have set models I can tweak to suit most people. As a shaper I also enjoy working with customers on new ideas.



Performance Fish, great customers graphics and custom shape
second-hand boards
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