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Fish and Quad Fish

Traditional Keel Fin Fish Keel Fin Fish

The Keel Fin Fish and Traditional Keel Fin Fish are perfect small to medium wave boards, short, wide and thick with minimal rocker. This means they can catch even the smallest of waves and are particularly good in weak summer surf. Their Twin Keel Fins make the board loose and skatey and generate increadable speed.

trinity Flying Pig Twin Fin

The Twin Fin Fish and Trinity Flying Pig Fish are like the Keel's, perfect small to medium wave boards. Also short, wide and thick with minimal rocker but a slightly narrower tail and Longer raked fins with a narrower base. This creates more hold in the tail (particularly if the half fin is added) although its still easy to slide the tail if you want to! Large range of options available.

Amber Tinted Quad Fish Quad Fish

The Quad Fish is Black and White's all time best seller, Although there's been a few minor tweaks to the design over the years, there's very little that can be done to improve this great all-rounder. Super fast, positive but loose, paddles and catches waves easily. The Quad fin set-up, foiled tail and almost shortboard rails and edges allow the board to be used in most conditions from small weak waves to  overhead perfection.

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