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All the models listed below are shapes that I work from as a starting point. Let me know your size, ability and where you surf or are going to surf and we can work from there.

Custom board above was a Quad Performance Mal, fitted with Lokbox Quad fins and optional centre box.

Comp/Performance Longboard Competition longboard

High Performance Longboards and Competion Longboards. These shapes have been tried and tested by Black and White team rider,  Greg Norman. Gregs ability to understand how subtle changes to a board alters it's performance has allowed me as a shaper to refine his Competion boards and include some of those refinements in my other Longboard models.

Merlin Longboard Merlin Longboard

The Merlin Longboard is based on the Black and White Performance Noserider slightly less width in the nose and a fraction more nose rocker, but still the same performance tail, really good all-rounder for intermediate and advanced surfers or beginners that are learning fast.

Black and White Performance Noserider Performance Noserider

The Black and White Performance Noserider. A great all-rounder and my best selling longboard. Designed to give the best of both worlds (within reason!) Nice medium to full nose with a high lift rail leading into a single concave. Flat rocker so easy to paddle and catch waves with and get on the nose. Mid section is slight vee with medium / full rails (so holds in) leading into Vee with a big double concave through the fins; fin box and side fins (if you would rather a single fin the concaves can be left out leaving a clean, smooth vee) The tail has lots of lift, so when on the nose the tail gets sucked in, but when you step back on the tail the nose lifts and the board pivots on the fins. If you surf off your back foot the side fins and concaves allow you to drive into turns more like a preformance board.

Classic Mal with volan deck patches Classic Mal with deck patches
Classic Volan triple stringer Classic Mal

Classic Mal. the full works, Triple stringer, greeny grey Volan cloth (wood tail blocks available) and Traditional shape. This is just an example, I have several tenplates and fin settings from early style 60's to modern/ Classic Hybrids. Custom orders only, if good Triple stringer blanks and heavy American Volan is available.

Shaped this vintage Pig a few years ago. Great to do, goes against the modern look we expect nowadays, full bulbous tail and "D" fin set well back and a pulled in nose. Under the right feet this shape is really manoevrable and fun.

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Performance Longboard
Merlin custom
Greg Normans Performance comp and single fin comp boards
Performance longboard with pintail
Full custom performance board
Greg's comp sigle fin, as much performance and glide as possible but always compliant with contest rules
Performance Noserider, classic red stripes
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