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Custom Performance Funboard Performance Funboard

I'm more than happy to shape anyone a standard Minimal but, The Performance Funboard gives a beginner (who is aiming to improve) the chance to progress further and have a better feel for the type and style of surfing they want to develope.

The Gideon Egg and Full Nosed Gideon Egg have a mid range template but work best from 6'4" to 6'8"  a wave catching rocker, with high lift nose rail, single to deep double concave to Vee in the tail. 2 + 1 fin set-up with cntre fin box and small side fins. All adds up to a really easy going manouverable board, good for every day use and popular as a step down board for longboarders.

Tanker Model Tanker Model

The Tanker  best exlained as a Longboard with the middle taken out. Flat, wide and thick Rolled Vee bottom, full soft rails with some edge in the tail. Single fin box ( the custom Tanker in the photo has slightly more nose lift than standard)

Custom Hydrid Egg/Tanker Custom Hydrid Egg/Tanker

If you're looking for a board with some of the Gideon Egg's performance, but prefer the Tankers size and volume then custom alternatives are always available

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Performance Longboard
Merlin custom
Greg Normans Performance comp and single fin comp boards
Performance longboard with pintail
Full custom performance board
Greg's comp sigle fin, as much performance and glide as possible but always compliant with contest rules
Performance Noserider, classic red stripes
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