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Custom Shortboards

Custom shortboards, thrusters, Quads and Five fin Performance shortboard

Custom Shortboards to suit all intermediate and performance surfers. Huge range of templates and tail shapes, Thrusters, Quads and Five fins

Wallis Pro

Small to medium wave shortboard. Thruster or Five fin Wallis Pro Shortboard

The Wallis Pro is a small to medium wave shortboard, slightly wider and flatter for paddling, wave catching and speed in slack conditions. The low nose rocker leads into a single to deep double concave, with a nice tail lift behind the centre fin. Fin set-up is usually as a Five fin giving the versatility of using either the Quad or Thruster styles.Or just as a Thruster if prefured. This board lends itselve well to being up sized for larger surfers 

303 Bullet

303 Bullet, a quad, channelled bottom shortboard 303 Bullet

The 303 Bullet has the attributes of both the shortboard and the fish. Nice gentle rocker, slight single concave to vee in the tail with four deep belly channels running from the mid point through onto the leading edge of the fins. The Quad set-up has the same rail placement as a Quad fish. A unique, fast, loose board which despite the wideVee tail has incredible drive and hold off the bottom even in bigger steep waves.

The Puffin

The Puffin, wide, flat small to medium wave board. Five fin or Quad. Great, fun Board The Puffin

The Puffin is a great all-rounder and useful summer board. Its wide and flat with plenty of volume. The rocker balance is set forward, so good for paddling and wave catching but once up and riding the extra tail rocker allows the surfer to keep the nose up and surf off the tail when needed. Fish Quad settings and Five fin option also available.

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