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The Duffer project...

A "Duffer" incompetant, ineffectual or clumsy person. Plus a cattleruster or bad golfer.


In this case a name for a new board design.


I've started looking at a new design for myself and Duffer sums up how my surfing is going. Yes cattle rustling has become more exciting!


A lack of water time, stiff knees and insisting on riding my eight year old favourite board which is too short and intent on out performing me has made me move on.


So the "Duffer" is going to be a wave magnet, get in very early and have time for the knees to get me up. After that it'll be fast, forgiving and loose in varying degrees according to length.


The photo was another of my great ideas, taken about 30 years ago, the surfing "Hacker" take off, if you look crazy enough no one will drop in on you.


I'll be updating progress as it gets going but Easter is probably physical start time, design from now on.





SAS Charity Raffle

Black and White donated a Keel Fin Fish to the SAS Charity raffle in December 2018



Congratulations to David, He's won the SAS Raffle!! 

Great to be able to hand over Davids prize when we met in the New Year. A well deserved winner,who may have a battle to keep the board away from the kids. The prize (retrospectively, after I heard) included a Black and White Sweatshirt for Davids daughter as a thank you for all she's achieved so far for charity.

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